Angie Lou Photography
Angie Lou Photography
Newborn & Children Photography


Framing $50

“Thank you Angela for capturing some precious moments of my children that I will treasure forever.
You are a marvel behind the camera and made my children instantly enjoy the experience.
I hope to continue seeing my children evolve through your lens in the years to come.”

— Ainslee Coyle, Beecroft

I am a photographer, stylist & photographic artist.


Angela Louise Nicholson is a Sydney-based photographer, stylist & photographic artist.

She had a camera in her hand when she was 9, majored in photography for her HSC & established her first photography business aged just 19 while only a 2nd year student at the Sydney Institute of Photography.

Working with film, Angela built a successful business photographing beautiful weddings | family, children, personal & corporate portraits | private & corporate events | & portfolios.

After finishing her formal studies another 2 years later, she has not stopped learning, experimenting, creating & absorbing, especially as digital mediums & technology keep evolving.

Angela is now living her dream by creating photographic fine art for businesses & family homes | professional & personal portraits using both film & digital mediums | shooting ethical news, current affairs & events | product photography & stylising mainly supporting new, sustainable or ethical companies under her first business Angela Nicholson Photography. She has established her second business Angie Lou that specialises in fine art photography for babies & children & creating photographic artworks for their bedrooms.

Amid raising a family, Angela has 20 years experience doing what she loves.

{ self portrait 2014 }