Children of all ages run their own agenda, so I don’t like to push a time frame while photographing them. I prefer to let the shoot flow naturally as it makes for better pictures, as does a well rested & fed child.

I make it part of my job to get to know your child before I start shooting as it gives them time to warm to me & build trust.
I want them to be comfortable with me … & my camera. We have lots of fun & I keep the session moving so children don’t get bored.
In most cases by the end of the shoot they don’t want me to leave cause they’re having so much fun.

I'm happy to shoot in the comfort of your home where children love to show off or at a location where they can explore & enjoy the environment.
I photograph children using available light as I find it soft & natural & shoot from many different angles, both close up & afar,
not only to offer variety, but to capture the true essence of your child.

Apart from a private password-protected online gallery, I offer an in home viewing session if required.
They are not sales pitch orientated, but a service to provide you with the opportunity to see the canvas & artmount prints, albums & frames, & to be available for guidance & advice for what best suits your needs to display your images.

There are lots of delightful props in my collection to complement your child’s session & I'm on a constant hunt to find more, but also have your own personal items at hand to include in the shoot if you like. Dress your child in smart or casual, funky or fun, cute or sweet.

My ideas are endless & my photographic style is an art-form.

Service is paramount & I have no doubt you will enjoy the whole experience as much as I do.